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When replacing or repairing your pitched roof, there are many different types of roof tile to consider, including the choice of material such as slate tiles, clay tiles or concrete tiles, the colour of the tile to blend or contrast with the building, and the size, finish and texture of the tile. 
We don't just lay tiles, we work with you to understand your specific tiling requirements, and recommend a variety of options from leading tile manufacturers designed to enhance and improve your roof line and add beauty and durability to your building. 
Explore this section to understand what tiling options are available to you, and contact us for a no obligation roofing consultation. 
The main categories of roofing tile for pitched roofs are natural slate tiles, clay tiles or concrete tiles, each has its own merits. 
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Slate roof Aldershot roofing contractor Farnborough
Slate Roofing Tiles Advantages 
Slate roof tile appearance - natural beauty 
Slate roof tile lifetime - up to 150 years 
Slate roof tile Shape 
Slate roof tile Size 
Slate roof tile fire resistance 
Slate roof tile water absorption lower than concrete roofing tiles 
Slate roof tile mould and rot resistance better than concrete roofing tiles 
Slate Roofing Tiles Disadvantages 
Slate roof tile thermal insulation is poor 
Slate roof tile fragility 
Slate roof tile weight 
Slate roof tile Cost - the most expensive form of roofing material 
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Clay Roofing Tiles Advantages 
Clay roof tile Durability - up to 100 years 
Clay roof tile Shape 
Clay roof tile Size 
Clay roof tile Colour 
Clay roof tile water absorption lower than concrete roofing tiles 
Clay roof tile mould and rot resistance better than concrete roofing tiles 
Clay Roofing Tiles Disadvantages 
Clay roof tile thermal mean properties susceptible to cracking in extreme cold 
Clay roof tile weight 
Clay roof tile Cost up to 30% more than concrete roofing tiles 
concrete pitched roof Guildford roofer
Concrete Roofing Tiles Advantages 
Concrete roof tile durability - up to 50 years 
Concrete roof tile Shape 
Concrete roof tile Size 
Concrete roof tile Colour - many pigments available 
Concrete roof tile thermal properties suitable for all climates 
Concrete roof tile mould and rot resistance 
Concrete roof tile sound insulation 
Concrete roof tile low maintenance 
Concrete roof tile fire resistance 
Concrete Roofing Tiles Disadvantages 
Concrete roof tile weight greater than clay roofing tiles by up to 40% 
Concrete roof tile Cost 
Concrete Roof Tile water absorption higher than clay roofing tiles 
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